CAC Library Summer Reading Program

Be a Spark in the Dark   

June 3 - August 12

All kids age 2 through 8th grade are welcome to participate.

A great way to encourage your child to read while learning something about God! 

NEW THIS YEAR: Reading efforts will “raise” money for playground equipment for Fishbone Ministries. Ask in the Library for details!   

* Books for Summer Reading must be checked out of the CAC Library. Book Logs are provided to record author and title –PLEASE make sure the writing is legible

Book Logs with at least five entries may be turned in each week in exchange for a prize-drawing ticket. Prizes are displayed in the Library, tickets are drawn weekly, and families are notified of winning tickets.

* If you have a beginning reader, please feel free to use a combination of read-to-me books and independent reading.

* If an older child reads to a younger child, the title may count on both Book Log sheets. 


* Books must be read between June 3rd – August 12th.

* Book Logs must be signed by a parent/guardian.

* Book Logs will not be accepted after 12:30 pm on August 12th.

* Children are encouraged to read Missionary and Heroes of the Faith books. 

   These books are identified in the Library with a green sticker on the spine.

* A Summer Reading Recognition to congratulate participants will be held in August

   – watch for details!

Register your child for the CAC Summer Reading Program.